Mindfulness & the workplace: Discovering workplace mindfulness

Staff wellbeing is increasingly being recognised as one of the most important components of productivity and the effective operation behind any business.  Many companies internationally and here in Australia have been early adopters, as the benefits of using mindfulness in the professional space become much more pronounced. 

Many psychologists and cognitive scientists across the world have confirmed that in today’s hyper connected world, where workers are interrupted or self-interrupted every three minutes, finding time out and being aware of the present is becoming increasingly important.

Now, employers are discovering the tangible benefits of workplace mindfulness, where employees are introduced to practical skills that promote positive physical and mental well-being, effective communication, stress management and increased engagement while lessening the feelings associated with workplace stress, anxiety, workplace burnout and even depression. 

This is from the ground up; from junior staff through to leadership teams and CEOs.

Supporting employee well-being

Bringing mindfulness to work can help employees leave work at work.

Companies including Apple, Google, Nike, HBO and Deutsche Bank have embraced and adopted corporate mindfulness classes to support and encourage employee well-being while also improving their business from the inside out.

But mindfulness isn’t restricted or reserved to large corporates. Every job and workplace has its pressure points and, on top of everyday life, it can often lead to feeling overwhelmed, distracted, unable to communicate effectively, stressed and exhausted. And this can impact work and productivity.

Bringing mindfulness into the workplace facilitates employees to become more aware of the present, and to learn techniques that enable emotional management and responsiveness, improved attention and stress management, leading to better workplace efficiency.

Leading mindfully

Research shows that mindfulness shifts businesses towards a compassionate, and responsive, way of operating. Practicing mindfulness introduces those in leadership positions to an awareness of the present,self-awareness and authenticity– essential tools that increase a person’s capacity to connect, respond and manage workplace difficulties to the benefit of entire organisations.

Building a culture of Mindful leadership can be a tailored process; starting one person, or one team at a time, depending on company, industry and budget.

Benefitting individual and company

I run a range of corporate mindfulness programmes: from Lunch and Learn introduction sessions to longer term programmes. Participants gain a solid understanding of what mindfulness is and learn a variety of techniques that, with regular practice and homework, will enable them to develop mindfulness into their daily workplace activities. This can lead to:

  • Increased staff morale
  • Better awareness of stress and its prevention
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Staff retention
  • Better employee relationships, reducing conflict and improving communication
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Staff feeling valued and looked after

I understand that every business is different and would need to introduce mindfulness in a way that suits their culture, working model and objectives. With this in mind, the first step would be to arrange a chat regarding your individual requirements, hopes and intentions for mindfulness in the workplace. Please contact for more information.


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